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Clip set,fuel line,GPW

Clip set,fuel line,GPW...

AUD $ 21.78

Out Of Stock

Clip set, fuel line,MB

Clip set, fuel line,MB...

AUD $ 21.78

Out Of Stock

Needle and seat, WO carter

Joe's Motor Pool Carter Carburetor Metering Needle Intake Valve with Spring for Ford GPA, GPW, Willys MB Slat & MB models....

AUD $ 14.52

Link, carby choke

NOS carburetor choke link.  Products may vary from image due to being NOS...

AUD $ 15.73

Screw, gauge to tank, set of 5

Screw, gauge to tank, set of 5...

AUD $ 4.84

2-3 Days

GP Holley Carby

**SPECIAL ORDER ONLY**            (not available for order online)    Please call 0488111184 to order.  The Rarest of all Jeep Carburetors is now available...

AUD $ 3,300.00

Out Of Stock

Cover, fuel sender metal "F"

Cover, fuel sender metal "F"...

AUD $ 16.50

Out Of Stock

Accelerator pedal, MB

Accelerator pedal, MB...

AUD $ 44.00

Out Of Stock

Accelerator linkage kit, GPW

Joe’s Motor Pool produced Throttle Link Rod, Spring & F Stamped Plate set for Ford GP & GPW...

AUD $ 15.40

Accelerator linkage kit, MB

Joe’s Motor Pool Throttle Link Rod, Spring & Plate set for Willys MB Slat & MBWillys MB Rod throttle kit...

AUD $ 15.40

Fuel tank cap. small mouth

Fuel tank cap. small mouth.  Wrapped in original packaging.  WWII surplus stock ...

AUD $ 84.70

Fuel filter Assembly, F marked

Joe's Motor Pool produced  F Marked Fuel Filter, Waterslide & Fixings For Ford GPW models....

AUD $ 181.50

Fuel filter assembly, MB

Joe's Motor Pool produced Fuel Filter, Waterslide & Fixings For Willys MB models....

AUD $ 181.50

spring, fuel filter

spring, fuel filter...

AUD $ 6.05

Out Of Stock

Fuel filter plug

Fuel filter plug...

AUD $ 9.68

Out Of Stock

Fuel filter pipe reducer

Fuel strainer to fuel line pipe reducer...

AUD $ 9.68

Fuel filter pipe reducer

Fuel strainer to fuel line pipe reducer         Fuel Filter Reducing Bushes for Inlet and Outlets on the Fuel Filter Head...

AUD $ 6.60