Jeep Parts

Jeep Parts

The GMC CCKV Truck in U.S. Service

  Massive new reference by David Doyle on the development, manufacture and use of the GMC 6x6 CCKW of WW2. 503 pages of b&w and color photographs of the CCKW in U.S. service throughout t...

AUD $ 165.00

The Studebaker US6 inc REO

Never before seen factory photos.  In service snapshot.   600 pages.    Hard bound with dust jacket.     NEW.        This is the untold stor...

AUD $ 199.65

The Liberators

Military Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Circa 1939-1952  by David Sarafan.   Second Edition.   New Book       ...

AUD $ 96.80

B Universal Carriers Volume 3

Universal Carriers Volume 3 (Drawing Archive)    A comprehensive reference source for the British, Commonwealth and American Armoured Tracked Carriers for owners, model makers, r...

AUD $ 242.00

Pressure Plate

Clutch Pressure Plate Assembly for Dodge 3/4 TonJoe's Motor Pool produced Clutch Pressure Plate Assembly for Dodge models. Produced by Joe's Motor Pool, we have taken a modern approach using the Sof...

AUD $ 220.00

Fuel Pump - Dodge

Joe's Motor Pool produced 6 Port Fuel Pump & Gaskets for Dodge....

AUD $ 220.00

Flexible Brake Line Set

Dodge WC Flexible Brake Hose Set (Not Suitable For WC 62 OR WC 63 Vehicles )...

AUD $ 88.00

Slave cyl, Pass side, 3/4Ton

Joe's Motor Pool produced 3/4 Ton Dodge Passenger Side Brake Cylinder....

AUD $ 66.00

Slave cyl, driver side,3/4

Joe's Motor Pool produced 3/4 Ton Dodge Driver (left side) Side Brake Cylinder....

AUD $ 66.00

Master cylinder

Joe's Motor Pool produced Master Cylinder & Cover for 3/4 Ton Dodge models. Made correctly offset and angled with I.D. number A 311904 10 on the side and the Master cylinder....

AUD $ 132.00

Flex Brake hose kit, dodge

Flex Brake hose kit, dodge...

AUD $ 96.80

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Fire extinguisher bracket

Joe's Motor Pool produced Fire Extinguisher Bracket for Ford GP & Dodge models....

AUD $ 88.00

Repair kit, exhaust control

Repair kit, exhaust control valve...

AUD $ 72.60

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Clip set, oil line

Clip set, oil line...

AUD $ 8.47

Out Of Stock

Clip set, oil line

Clip set, oil line...

AUD $ 8.47

Out Of Stock

Head stud std

Engine, cylinder head stud, std...

AUD $ 6.00

Engine, camshaft thrust washer - 1 required

engine, camshaft thrust washer (chain drive only)...

AUD $ 60.50

Engine, camshaft thrust washer JMP

Joe's Motor Pool produced Bronze Cam Shaft Thrust Washer for Ford GPW, Willys MB Slat & MB...

AUD $ 24.20

Camshaft plunger spring

Camshaft plumger spring...

AUD $ 6.05

Out Of Stock

Collet, valve spring

Collet, valve spring.  2 PER VALVE REQUIRED.This product is USA made....

AUD $ 6.05

Oil passage plug

Oil passage plug, counter sunk...

AUD $ 4.84

Pipe,adaptor elbow

Oil line, adaptor elbow, block (2), filter housing(1) to flex line...

AUD $ 13.31

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Engine crankshaft nut,starting

Joe's Motor Pool produced Starting Handle Nut For Ford & Willys models....

AUD $ 22.00

Pipe,adaptor oil filter

Oil line, adaptor connector, long flex to oil filter housing...

AUD $ 15.73

Crankshaft shim set

Crankshaft shim set...

AUD $ 21.78

Out Of Stock

Baffle, engine ventilator NOS

Baffle, engine ventilatorNew Old Stock ...

AUD $ 36.30

Pos crankcase baffle gasket

Pos crankcase baffle gasket...

AUD $ 3.63

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