J01 - Engine

Repair kit, exhaust control

Repair kit, exhaust control valve...

AUD $ 72.60

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Clip set, oil line

Clip set, oil line...

AUD $ 8.47

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Clip set, oil line

Clip set, oil line...

AUD $ 8.47

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Head stud std

Engine, cylinder head stud, std...

AUD $ 6.00

Stud, manifold to eng, outer

Stud, manifold to eng, outer...

AUD $ 3.63

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Manifold stud set ( set of 7 )

Manifold stud set ( set of 7 )Exhaust Stud Set3 x 38mm2 x 43mm2 x 46mm...

AUD $ 31.46

Engine, camshaft thrust washer - 1 required

engine, camshaft thrust washer (chain drive only)...

AUD $ 60.50

Engine, camshaft thrust washer JMP

Joe's Motor Pool produced Bronze Cam Shaft Thrust Washer for Ford GPW, Willys MB Slat & MB...

AUD $ 24.20

Camshaft plunger spring

Camshaft plumger spring...

AUD $ 6.05

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Collet, valve spring

Collet, valve spring.  2 PER VALVE REQUIRED.This product is USA made....

AUD $ 6.05

Oil passage plug

Oil passage plug, counter sunk...

AUD $ 4.84

Pipe,adaptor elbow

Oil line, adaptor elbow, block (2), filter housing(1) to flex line...

AUD $ 13.31

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Engine crankshaft nut,starting

Joe's Motor Pool produced Starting Handle Nut For Ford & Willys models....

AUD $ 22.00

Pipe,adaptor oil filter

Oil line, adaptor connector, long flex to oil filter housing...

AUD $ 15.73

Crankshaft shim set

Crankshaft shim set...

AUD $ 21.78

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Baffle, engine ventilator NOS

Baffle, engine ventilatorNew Old Stock ...

AUD $ 36.30

Pos crankcase baffle gasket

Pos crankcase baffle gasket...

AUD $ 3.63

In Stock