Jeep Parts

Jeep Parts

Element, air cleaner NOS

NOS Element, air cleaner...

AUD $ 88.00

Out Of Stock

Carter WO, Rebuilt + exchange

Carter WO, rebuilt + exchange...

AUD $ 550.00

In Stock

GPW felt carb bushing

GPW felt carb bushing...

AUD $ 13.20

In Stock

Line fuel, w/o fuel strainer

Line kit, steel w/clips, MB, GPW, late w/o fuel filter, 1945...

AUD $ 192.35

Exhaust, pipe

Exhaust, MB, GPW, header pipe...

AUD $ 110.00

Exhaust clamp kit, oval

Exhaust, MB, GPW, clamp kit, oval muffler...

AUD $ 60.50

Exhaust, muffler, oval

Exhaust, MB, GPW, muffler, oval...

AUD $ 99.00

Radiator hose, early

Radiator hose, lower, early, Slat...

AUD $ 33.00

Water pump bolt kit, GPW

(This kit included when purchasing the GPW Water Pump) ...

AUD $ 9.90

Water pump bolt kit, MB

(This kit is included when purchasing a MB Water Pump)...

AUD $ 9.90

Radiator mounting pad kit

Radiator mounting pad kit...

AUD $ 22.00

In Stock